Course Schedule

Date Content Activity
WEEK 1 Course Introduction & Social Media Analytics Overview
Jan 10 Introduction to the course; grading and attendance policies
Reading: Holsapple et al. (2014). Business Social Media Analytics: Definition, Benefits, and Challenges [pdf]
Jan 12 Overview of Social Media Analytics Lecture


WEEK 2 Data & Measurement: Goal Setting, Alignment, and Objectives
Jan 17 Measurement & SMART Goals
Gathering Data
Jan 19 Research Article 1: Xiang, Z., Du, Q., Ma, Y., & Fan, W. (2017). A comparative analysis of major online review platforms: Implications for social media analytics in hospitality and tourism. Tourism Management, 58, 51-65. [Link]

Research Article 2: Gruzd, A., Paulin, D., & Haythornthwaite, C. (2016). Analyzing Social Media And Learning Through Content And Social Network Analysis: A Faceted Methodological Approach. Journal of Learning Analytics, 3(3), 46-71. [Link]

WEEK 3 Social Media Text Analytics – I
Jan 24 Text Analytics
Reading: The Seven Practice Areas of Text Analytics [Link]
Jan 26 Netlytic Text Analytics Tutorial


WEEK 4 Social Media Text Analytics – II
Jan 31 Sentiment Analysis Tutorial
Project Proposal Meetings (office hours)
Feb 02 Research Article 3:  He, W., Zha, S., & Li, L. (2013). Social media competitive analysis and text mining: A case study in the pizza industry. International Journal of Information Management, 33(3), 464-472.

Research Article 4: Ceron, A., Curini, L., Iacus, S. M., & Porro, G. (2014). Every tweet counts? How sentiment analysis of social media can improve our knowledge of citizens’ political preferences with an application to Italy and France. New Media & Society, 16(2), 340-358.

WEEK 5 Social Media Network Analytics – I
Feb 07 Network Analytics
Reading: Network Analytics
Feb 09 Netlytic Network Analytics Tutorial


WEEK 6 Social Media Network Analytics – II
Feb 14 NodeXl Tutorial Lecture
Feb 16 Tutorial
A1: Netlytic Due
WEEK 7 Analytics Nuts & Bolts: Action & Engagement
Feb 21 Action Analytics & Engagement
Analyzing Social Media Data
Lecture & Discussion
Feb 23 Research Article 5: He, W., Wu, H., Yan, G., Akula, V., & Shen, J. (2015). A novel social media competitive analytics framework with sentiment benchmarks. Information & Management, 52(7), 801-812.

Research Article 6: 
Cole-Lewis, H., Perotte, A., Galica, K., Dreyer, L., Griffith, C., Schwarz, M., … & Augustson, E. (2016). Social Network Behavior and Engagement Within a Smoking Cessation Facebook Page. Journal of medical Internet research, 18(8).
WEEK 8 Data Scraping, R, and Python Programming
Feb 28 Lecture
Mar 02 Tutorial


<<< Spring Break (March 06 – March 10) >>>
WEEK 9 Storytelling with Data
Mar 14 Data Visualization
Reading: Six Ways to Tell Stories with Data Throughout the Customer Lifecycle
Reading: Visual Analysis Best Practices Simple Techniques for Making Every Data Visualization Useful and Beautiful [pdf]
Mar 16 Reading: Which Chart or Graph is Right for You?

Research Article 7: Park, J. H., Lee, C., Yoo, C., & Nam, Y. (2016). An analysis of the utilization of facebook by local korean governments for tourism development and the network of smart tourism ecosystem. International Journal of Information Management, 36(6), 1320-1327.

Research Article 8: 
Cavazos-Rehg, P. A., Zewdie, K., Krauss, M. J., & Sowles, S. J. (2017). “No High Like a Brownie High” A Content Analysis of Edible Marijuana Tweets. American Journal of Health Promotion, 0890117116686574.

WEEK 10 Visualization
Mar 21 Visual Analytics

Reading: Which Chart or Graph is Right for You? [pdf]

Mar 23 Tableau Tutorial

Project Methods & Results Due



WEEK 11 Search Engine Analytics and SEO
Mar 28 Search Engine Analytics
Search Engine Optimization TechniquesProject Discussion and Conclusion Due
Mar 30 Google Analytics

Complete Project Report Due



WEEK 12 Location Analytics
Apr 04 Geo Analytics
Google Fusion Tables
Apr 06  

Student Expo

WEEK 13 Mobile Analytics, Social Media ROI & SWOT Analysis
Apr 11 Mobile Analytics, ROI; SWOT Analysis Lecture
Apr 13  Project Presentations [Chap, Karlina, Valderrama, Lasu, Agyei-Boateng] A2: Tableau Due
WEEK 14 Project Presentations
Apr 18 Guest Lecture: Joseph Bayer
Apr 20 Project Presentations [Asrat, Gao, Doyle, Ampadu, Drummond]
Apr 25  Research Article 9: Brandt, T., Bendler, J., & Neumann, D. (2017). Social media analytics and value creation in urban smart tourism ecosystems. Information & Management.
Research Article 10: Dai, H., & Hao, J. (2017). Mining social media data on marijuana use for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Computers in Human Behavior.
Apr 27 No Class